Professor of Magical Studies

You’re the newest professor in a small New England college’s secret department of magic. In this text-based game, your choices steer the story. Deal with other professors who don’t understand your research, college administrators who have unreasonable demands, a friend-turned-rival who’s vying to be department chair, extra-dimensional terrors that threaten to destroy all life, and, most horrifying of all, tenure.

Illustration of a college faculty meeting. An older woman makes a presentation at the head of the table in front of large windows. In the foreground, a younger woman has summoned a small thundercloud in her hand. Across the table from her, her colleague gestures in concern out the windows where tentacles are emerging from a rip in space.
Cover art for the game "Binary." The background is black on the left half and white on the right, with the word "binary" in opposite colors on top.The author's name, "Stephen Granade," is listed.


You’ve come to a ruined spacestation orbiting the wreckage of a binary star in search of a mind that was left behind.

A short Twine game playable in ten minutes. Originally appeared in sub-Q Magazine.

Will Not Let Me Go

Dallas, Texas. 1996. Fred Strickland has Alzheimer’s.

A meditation on memory, love, loss, and what remains. You can read the story in about two hours. Placed 4th in the 2017 Interactive Fiction Competition, and took 2nd in the same competition’s Miss Congeniality contest. Won an XYZZY award for best protagonist.

Cover art for the game "Will Not Let Me Go." An illustration of two wedding rings, the diamond ring lying on top of the larger gold ring, on a black background. The author's name, "Stephen Granade," is listed.
Cover art for the game "Fragile Shells." Photo of a small space station with the wide expanse of the Earth behind it. The author's name, "Stephen Granade," is listed.

Fragile Shells

You don’t know how long you’ve been hammering against the station’s wall, but you stop as soon as you realize what you’ve been doing.

Fragile Shells is a parser-based text adventure. It’s very puzzly, and takes about two hours to play to completion. It placed 2nd in the JayIsGames 7th Casual Game Design Competition.

Child’s Play

It is playgroup day and playgroup day is normally a good day but ever since that little red-haired girl started coming she always wants your toys. She can’t have them.

You tried telling the mom this but she doesn’t understand you. She mostly ignored you but then she just shoved a pacifier in your mouth and changed your diaper.

Child’s Play is a parser-based text adventure that takes a few hours to play. It was an entry in the 2006 Introcomp competition, where it took second place.

Cover art for the game "Child's Play." Photo of the top of a refrigerator with a picture of a baby attached by magnets. Underneath, alphabet magnets spell out "Childs Play by Stephen Granade."