Stephen Granade


Stephen Granade, a bald White person with a brown goatee, in a "Science" t-shirt and sports coat lounging against a bookcase.

Stephen Granade is a writer, award-winning game developer, and physicist. His SFF short stories have appeared in Baffling Magazine, Escape Pod, and Cast of Wonders. His many works of text-based interactive fiction include Professor of Magical Studies, a game about being a new college faculty member trying to fight off extra-dimensional horrors while still getting tenure. Will Not Let Me Go, an introspective interactive narrative about memory, loss, and what remains, received both an XYZZY Award and the best one-sentence summary ever, courtesy of The Short Game podcast: “Here’s another Twine game that will make you sad!”

He presents scientific topics to mainstream audiences, specializing in the intersection between science and pop culture. His research focuses on robotics, sensors, and machine learning. His sensors guided the Space Shuttle to the Hubble Space Telescope and read fingerprints from ten feet away. His graduate research involved trapping and cooling atoms with lasers, during which he only set fire to himself once.

You can contact him at [email protected].