Stephen Granade is a writer, award-winning game developer, and physicist. He’s talked science on the Discovery Channel and on YouTube for NASA.

Stephen Granade, a bald White person with a goatee, looking off to the right of the picture.
Illustration of a college faculty meeting. An older woman makes a presentation at the head of the table in front of large windows. In the foreground, a younger woman has summoned a small thundercloud in her hand. Across the table from her, her colleague gestures in concern out the windows where tentacles are emerging from a rip in space.

Professor of Magical Studies

You’re the newest professor in a small New England college’s secret department of magic. In this text-based game, your choices steer the story. Deal with other professors who don’t understand your research, college administrators who have unreasonable demands, a friend-turned-rival who’s vying to be department chair, extra-dimensional terrors that threaten to destroy all life, and, most horrifying of all, tenure.

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