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Disasterpiece Theatre

Ever wanted to sit in on a Hollywood pitch meeting? Every week on Disasterpiece Theatre, we held our own faux pitch meeting and came up with movie ideas. The catch was that all of our ideas were terrible...but the kind of terrible ideas that might actually be turned into a movie. That's not all ... Read More

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When we first started raising money for the DIY Science Zone, a hands-on science event at GeekGirlCon in Seattle, we decided to perform acts of whimsy as a reward. As we reached various funding levels we did goofy things like turn people's PhD thesis abstracts into MadLibs. For my Act of Whimsy, I ... Read More

Fragile Shells by Stephen Granade

Fragile Shells

When JayIsGames announced the 7th Casual Game Design Competition, I had no intention of entering it. While all of the competition entries were supposed to be text adventures (yay!), the competition's theme was "Escape" (sigh), and authors were encouraged to set the entire game in a single room ... Read More