The Science Behind Pacific Rim

Giant robots fighting giant monsters! But could we build a jager? Can kaiju really exist? My talk covers the science behind the movie.

Pacific Rim scienceWhen I saw Pacific Rim I felt like an excited 10-year-old again. Giant robots punching giant monsters! But because I’m a physicist, I also started wondering how close we were to being able to build a jager or create a kaiju. Is “Pacific Rim science” a reasonable thing?

Pacific Rim touches on a lot of science subjects: robotics, genetics, neuroscience. In my talk, “The Science Behind Pacific Rim“, I get to cover those subjects in looking at how the movie uses science. The movie’s not about science, of course. It’s about BEING AWESOME. My talk doesn’t tear into the movie for getting science wrong. It’s an investigation into how close we could get to the world of Pacific Rim given what we know about science today, and how much of the movie we could re-create in the real world.

Though I think I’ll skip the part where the monsters kill millions of people.

Here’s a video of an early version of the talk that I gave at Shatterdome Atlanta in 2014.