Dragon Con Science Track

The Dragon Con science fiction convention has an actual science convention hiding in it, and it's awesome. Every year a bunch of scientists and science communicators spend Labor Day weekend talking about science.

Dragon Con may be a science fiction convention, but it’s also got an actual science convention hiding inside it. For a long time, I got to help make that happen. Panel on the year in science at the Dragon Con science convention Every year on Labor Day weekend, a bunch of scientists and science communicators to come to Atlanta, Georgia. They spend four days talking about science with people visiting the convention.

The science track is a mix of science, education and straight-up entertainment. It has hands-on demonstrations, solo presentations, and panel discussions. Want to ask a geologist or an astronomer a question? There’s a panel for that. There’s even a science-themed variety show.

Mr DNA at the Jurassic Park science track panelI love the science track because it bridges the gap between scientists and non-scientists. A lot of people only get exposed to science in school, where it’s a required subject. At Dragon Con, you can go to a science track presentation not only to learn about science but also to be entertained. It’s part of that whole “education and entertainment don’t have to be at war” thing that I care very deeply about. Besides, where else would you see someone dressed as “Mr. DNA” from Jurassic Park show up for a bunch of paleontologists answering any and all questions about dinosaurs?

If you like science, and especially if you also like science fiction and fantasy, you should visit Dragon Con on Labor Day weekend.