Disasterpiece Theatre

Every week on our podcast, we come up with tragically possible movie pitches, the kind that you just know will get made.

Disasterpiece Theatre splash pic 2015Ever wanted to sit in on a Hollywood pitch meeting? Every week on Disasterpiece Theatre, we held our own faux pitch meeting and came up with movie ideas. The catch was that all of our ideas were terrible…but the kind of terrible ideas that might actually be turned into a movie.

That’s not all we did on our podcast. Every other week, Alex, Kelsey, Matt and I discussed a specific movie, usually a then-recent one, and what made it work or not. It was a cross between a review and a critique. We actually do like movies. We’re just frustrated by the rote nature of so many films, and how so many films don’t actually use the visual nature of the medium to their advantage. We coped by making terrible jokes and inventing horrible movie ideas. You know, like you do.