Disasterpiece Drama Club

Geeky sketch comedy from the Disasterpiece Theatre podcast.

Did you know I have a theater arts degree? It’s true! Given my background in physics and in drama, it was all but inevitable that I’d end up part of a geeky sketch comedy team. In one geeky sketch comedy short, Disasterpiece Drama Club zombies lurch for the cure

Several of us behind the Disasterpiece Theatre podcast create occasional short sketches for our Disasterpiece Drama Club YouTube channel and to be run on Dragon Con TV during the convention. We’ve created a series about government contractors who work for SHIELD, shown mobsters in a video game world, and attempted to create a replacement for that creepy, creepy Elf on the Shelf thing.

If you’re in or around Huntsville, Alabama and would like to help write, produce, or act in our skits, let me know! Here’s some examples of our work, starting with a commercial for dead kid insurance.

Watch our promo for Angel on the Shelf!

Sponsor a contestant in the upcoming Hunger Games!

Man, those are some odd faces I’m making in the stills for the last two videos.