About Me

I’m a physicist, speaker, and writer of both interactive and regular fiction. I think science is awesome and should be accessible to everyone. I believe entertainment and education can complement each other. I love creating things and want everyone to take part.

Stephen Granade bein' a science speaker at Science Online 2013(I’m also addicted to that whole “rule of three” thing when I write. Blame the speech-writing book I read during my very unsuccessful campaign for high school president.)

One of the things I love doing is talking about science. While I give technical talks to specialist audiences, a lot of my speaking has been for non-scientists. I’ve done things like talk about the science behind the movie Pacific Rim and run hands-on science demos for kids and adults. I’ve even hosted a science YouTube series for NASA. Interested in having me talk to your group or class? Let me know!

In college I was a member of the “Major of the Month” club, but I was bad about ever dropping majors. It’s how I ended up with one degree in physics and another degree in theater. I’m a long-time podcaster and do voice-over work.

My physics PhD is from Duke University, where we cooled atoms down using lasers. That’s not as ridiculous an idea as it sounds, honest. We used really high-powered lasers, which was all fun and games until one set me on fire. I’ve worked on space sensors and gotten to build things that flew on orbit. I never got to be an astronaut like I had planned when I was 12, but seeing something in space that you built with your hands is a great consolation prize. These days I work on cameras and other sensors for robots. It’s the kind of work that makes for a great conversation starter.