My Dragon Con 2016 Schedule

If you’re coming to Dragon Con this year, you should stop by and see me at any one of these fine panels and events that’re on my schedule:

Every Day

9:00 AM The Late Show
(Hyatt Centennial II-III)
Every morning a handful of us spend 30 minutes covering upcoming convention events, giving tips for surviving the convention, and regretting our life choices that lead to us being awake and on camera so early.

Friday, Sep 2

11:30 AM Bad Science in Video Games
(Hyatt Centennial I)
Three of us science-types who are also avid video game players talk about some of the goofier examples of video game science. It’s a chance for us to geek out about video games while also poking gentle fun at the things they do to science. (Quantum Break, I’m looking at you.)

1:00 PM The Expanse – The Science, Real and Unreal
(Marriott M301-M303)
Gosh, there are a lot of us who’ve really enjoyed The Expanse and are ready to talk about the science in it.

2:30 PM The Year in Science
(Hilton Grand Salon East)
This promises to be a fun one. There will be three of us on the panel talking about this year’s science headlines. Every ten minutes, a bell rings, and one of us leaves the panel and a new person joins, mixing things up.

10:00 PM The Quantified Vagina
(Hilton Grand Salon East)
I’m moderating a late-night look at Bluetooth-enabled period trackers, teledildonics, and more.

Saturday, Sep 3

11:30 AM War Machines: Science Fact in SciFi Weapons
(Westin 204 B)
Mika McKinnon, Scott ViguiƩ and I discuss future military technology.

2:30 PM Evil Geniuses: Let’s Kill the Planet!
(Hilton Grand Salon West)
I’m running a panel where our evil geniuses try to come up with schemes to kill the planet, and the audience gets to decide what plan they like the best. They also get to pitch their own world-ending schemes.

10:00 PM Science vs Movies
(Hilton Crystal Ballroom)
I’m selecting various clips from movies that involve science, and then forcing our panel of scientists and engineers to explain why that movie science is 100% accurate.

Sun, Sep 4

10:00 AM Let’s Build a Hyperloop
(Hilton 210-211)
What would it take, both in terms of technology and society, to create Elon Musk’s proposed pneumatic tube train?

4:00 PM Writing With Scientists
(Hyatt Embassy AB)
We’ll discuss what it’s like for authors to work with scientists, and give advice both for scientist-types and authors about making those collaborations work.

I’ll also be hanging out in Hilton 210-211 a lot, since that’s where the science track takes place. Swing by and say hi!